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Interview with Barnabas Mogan, Founder, CEO and Product Engineer of Music Super Skills, LLC.


Barnabas Mogan, Founder, CEO and Product Engineer of Music Super Skills, LLC

Barnabas Mogan, Founder, CEO and
Product Engineer of Music Super Skills

Fairfax, VA – We recently had the opportunity to meet with Barnabas Mogan, Founder, CEO and Product Engineer of Music Super Skills, LLC. Barnabas is a current Mason student pursuing his BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and is also an avid guitar player who has been teaching music for over five years. His passion both for music and engineering have led him to his new start-up company, Music Super Skills, LLC, where he is revolutionizing the way we learn how to play our favorite songs.

Additionally, he is the founder of Mason’s Inventors Club and served as president for several years. The club is currently in the process of launching a non-profit center called the Students Center for Innovations.

In his professional life, Barnabas has applied his engineering skills to projects for companies such as Rhein Tech Labs, Covance Labs and Proxim Wireless.

Tell us about your new start-up. What should consumers expect from Music Super Skills?

With Music Super Skills we are offering a complete line of products and services to give aspiring musicians the power and ease to learn music quickly and conveniently. The specifics of our products and services are confidential until we officially launch, however, I can say that our products merge three of the hottest technology trends in the music industry. We are targeting an international market, we are teaming up with world-class experts, and we are working with industry leaders in order to create an advantage that is based on cooperation rather than competition. It is an extremely exciting venture and I am fortunate to be able to combine my passion for music with my skills in engineering to create a company that has the potential for worldwide impact.

As can be seen on your website,, you have quite an impressive list of managing partners. How did you meet them? What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking for team members?

I met my team members in a variety of ways including mutual projects, online research, face-to-face networking, and social media networking. Our media expert was found through a mutual CAD project, our executive secretary on a mission trip devoted to helping Katrina victims, and our software advisor through research on software development resources on the Internet. But most of my team members were met either directly or indirectly through a private business network, CEO Space, that connects entrepreneurs from all around the country and provides access to a variety of consulting authorities. CEO Space has been instrumental in developing a solid business model for Music Super Skills, LLC, and has given me the opportunity to establish a stellar team.

"If the team works, the dream works."

When it comes to the process of finding the right team members, it is important to be prepared and to also use intuition. Preparation consists of being able to share your vision and convey it in such a way that a potential team member can clearly see the opportunity and hopefully be inspired by the project. It is important to show that you’ve done your homework and that you have a viable business model. While giving a good impression is important, it is also important to be authentic and honest with where you are in the business process and what you are expecting from potential team members.

Your intuition comes into play when you have to decide if the potential team member is someone you can both communicate and work well with, as well as deciding if he or she will be a good fit for the rest of the team. If the team works, the dream works.

We love that your start-up was conceptualized during a course at Mason. Could you elaborate on this experience?

I took the IT 493 Product Development course taught by Skip West, of Maxsa Innovations. This was a fantastic course that took us through several stages of product development including brainstorming, conceptualizing, prototyping, business modeling, and presenting.

What stood out most for me was understanding how to properly position a product or service into the market. By understanding technology trends and product lifecycles, I was able to bring a real world view of the viability of the technology I was developing and its potential to penetrate and be accepted by the market.

What are your ultimate goals and aspirations for Music Super Skills, LLC? And, what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs hoping to develop their own start-up?

My ultimate goal for Music Super Skills, LLC, is to become a leading and trusted source for aspiring musicians worldwide to learn and enjoy playing music. Music is a powerful tool for enriching the mind and lifting the spirit and helps bring people together in small communities as well as on an international scale.

My advice for budding entrepreneurs is to follow your dreams, they are there for a reason, but do it in the right sequence. If you are in school, finish and find a way to make a living so you can support yourself in the beginning stages. If you are ready to jump right in, make sure it is what you want to do more than anything so that you have the drive and the passion to stay in the game. Finally, be patient with your entrepreneurial spirit. Let it develop as you grow. It is a long process and overtime you will learn and begin using the skills of a successful entrepreneur.

In my mind, my start-up is already a success, and behind that is my desire to make a difference in this world. As long as there is poverty, hunger and sickness we all have a greater mission, an obligation larger than our personal dreams and goals. Music Super Skills, LLC, will provide ways for me to fulfill my part in that greater mission. Let your dreams and goals lead you to your role in making a difference in the lives of others. An entrepreneur is a success not because of the value he builds into a business, but because of the value he places on the lives of others he has helped as a result of his success.

To learn more about Music Super Skills, please visit their website at

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